Hot and cold hors d'oeuvres, Soups, Pasta, Vegetarian, Fish, fresh-baked, Hungarian dishes, specialties, Steaks, from deer dishes, Salads, Side Dishes and Desserts


Valid from 01.03.2016 


Cold hors d'oeuvre


  • Peasant ham plate

  • Mozarella cheese with fresh tomatoes and basil 

  • Goose liver in its own cold dripping    

  • Mixed cheese plate (Trapista, Camenbert, smoked cheese, Mozarella, blue cheese)  

  • Smoked salamon with horse-radish cream and toast  

  • Tatar steak ( 200 grams)

  • Chicken broth with vermicelli and vegetables

  • Chicken broth with home-made liver dumplings      

  • Újházi chicken soup (chicken, vegetables, vermicelli)  

  • Cream-Soup of garlic     

  • Spicy deer ragout soup in a loaf of bread  

  • Hungarian goulasch soup in a kettle  

  • Fish soup in Balaton style ( served in a kettle)

Warm horse d'oeuvre

Dishes with Pasta

  • Grilled cheese on greensaladbed  

  • Pancakes stuffed with meat in Hortobagy style 

  • Omlette with ham and cheese

  • Grilled royal crab with garlic on fresh salad    

  • Spaghetti a'la Bolognese 

  • Penne a'la Parmigana (with spinach and Parmezan cheese) 

  • Noodles with cottage cheese and pork cracklings in a frying-pan

Vegetáriánus ételek

  • Gombafejek rántva tartármártással     

  • Brokkoli csőben sütve rizzsel, tartármártással     

  • Karfiol rántva tartármártással     

  • Trappista sajt rántva tartármártással     

  • Camembert diós panírban áfonyával     

  • Meleg vegetáriánus tál

zöldséges rizslepény, grillezett zöldségek, rántott karfiol,grillezett sajt

Dishes from the Pan

  • Breaded chicken breast

  • Breaded chickenbreast,stuffed with dill-cheese 

  • Roasted chicken breast with stewed fruit  

  • Roasted chicken with creamy spinat

  • Turkey breast„Cordon-Bleu” 

  • Turkey breast, stuffed with gooseliver a la Paris

  • Grilled turkey breast with pineapple, cooked in tube

  • Breaded turkey breast, filled with apples and prune 

  • Breaded pork chop 

  • Breaded goose liver

  • Roasted goose liver with stew of forest mushrooms and garlic

Hungarian Dishes

Vegetarian Dishes

  • Breaded button-mushrooms with tartar-sauce 

  • Broccoli fried in tube with rice and tartar-sauce

  • Breaded cauliflower with tartar-sauce 

  • "Trapista"cheese, fried in breadcrumbs with tartar-sauce 

  • Camambert, fried in nutcrumbs with cranberry

  • Hot vegetarian plate    

riceflan with vegetables, grillezett zöldségek, rántott karfiol, grilled cheese

Our Specialities Made of Pork Chop (60 dkg)

  • Pork Chop fried in Whole with different sauces for your wish    

Mexikan style ( with chili sauce) 
Kocsi Csárda style ( creamy,onion,bacon)
Barbecue  sauce    

  • Roasted leg of goose with stewed cabbage and fried potatoes

  • Roasted goose liver in Hungarian style in a frying-pan with stewed tomatoes and green peppers       

  • Roasted pork chop prepared in a peasant style in a frying-pan (ragout with ham and onion)

  • Pork ribs are baked in "Bakonyi" style with noodle 
    (Pepper with mushroom sauce)

  • Gipsy" Roast     

  • Pork chop in Hungarian style with pepper and tomato stew and crisps

  • Roasted pork chop a'la Magyaróvári (mushrooms,ham cheese)

  • Mixed grill on a wooden plate in Transylvanian style with home-made mixed pickles (beef chop,pork chop,roasted pork chop and fried potatoes)

  • Knuckle of ham a'la Pékné with potatoes, fried in their jackets for a person

  • Stuffed cabbage in Kolozhvar style,served in a frying-pan 

  • Beef stew with paprika

  • Stuffed pepper with potato,served in a frying-pan    

Our Specialities

  • Seasoned chicken breast with chilli sauce

  • Chickenbreast "Kocsi-Csárda" style (creamy, onion, bacon sauce)

  • Fried half a duck,with stewed cabbage and fried potatoes 

  • Roasted breast of duck with grilled apricot 

  • Roasted liver of goose with grilled apple slices with "Pepper bag" with seasoned butter (breaded pork chop,stuffed with ham,onion and a lot of spices)

  • Pork fillet in bacon with Letscho

  • Pork fillet with grilled vegetables  

  • Roasted fillet of pork with forest mushrooms and garlic 

  • Grilled lambsteak with garlic sauce 

  • "Tcharda "dish for two people (roasted pork chop,fillet of pork in bacon,chicken breast in Parisian style,leg of goose, fried, button-mushrooms,egg flan with stewed rice)

  • Assorted plate of duck,with goose liver (half a duck,a whole breast of duck grilled,roasted gosse liver, with stewed cabbage with apples and potato for two people)

  • A flambé flaming sword on a wooden plate for a person 

  • A flambé flaming sword for two people ( porc chop,chicken breast,beef chop,sausage,bacon,onion,pepper with jacked potato and grilled vegetables )


  • Tenderloin"Kocsi-Csárda" style( 20 dkg)

  • Roasted tenderlion a 'la Hunter style (20 dkg) (goose liver,mushrooms and brown sauce)

  • Tenderloin with grilled vegetables (20 dkg) 

  • Tenderloin "Hungarian" style with Letscho and chips potatoes (20 dkg)  

  • T-bon steak with sauce for your wish (45 dkg)  

    • Mexican style(chili sauce) 

    • Kocsi Csárda style ( creamy,onion,bacon) 

    • Barbecue sauce  

  • Roasted beef with fried onions (20 dkg)

  • Roastbeef with Forest mushrooms (20 dkg)

  • Roastbeef withBluecheese sauce (20 dkg)

  • Roastbeef with grilled aubergine    

Game dishes

  • Roasted deer with Forest-mushroom sauce

  • Deer leg with blueberry-fruity brown sauce  

  • Roast deer in hunter's style 

  • Deer 'stew'flavoured with red wine

Self service saladbar 

  • You can prepare your own salad-plate from a great variety of vegetables and sauces, according to your own taste.




  • Fitness salad (fresh vegetables,turkey breast,dressing) 

  • Greek salad with ewe's milk cheese  

  • Tuna salad 

  • Pikant Crabsalad  

  • Salad a'la chef (ham,fresh vegetables,dressing)    

  • Fried Potatoes 

  • Croquette (potato-balls) 

  • Rostico potato

  • Chips 

  • Potatoes,fried in their jackets 

  • Toche (Hungarian dich,made of potato)

  • Buttered potatoes,covered with parsley 

  • Fried potatoes

  • Stewed rice

  • Noodles 

  • Spaghetti  

  • Penne pasta

  • Assorted steamed vegetables

  • Grilled vegetable 
    (pepper,tomato,aubergine,courgette, onion,broccoli)                        


  • Gundel” pancakes (filled with nuts, with chocolate sauce) 

  • Pancakes  with apricot jam

  • Pancakes with cottage cheese and vanilla sauce in a frying-pan

  • Somlói style 

  • Steamed  dumplings with vanilla custard and poppyseed

  • Pancakes with vanilla ice-cream (with almonds and whipped cream)

  • Coctail of mixed fruit with whipped cream  

  • Home made strudel    


The price of the dish doesn't include the price of the garnish except the dishes which contain the garnish in the menu.

Half a portion costs 70% of the price, written in the menu.

Pizza Card


(O: 32cm) | Valid: from 01/03/2016


Tomato sauce, Cheese, Oregano
Pizza "FUNGHI"
Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Mushrooms, Oregano
Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Ham, Oregano
Pizza "SALAMI"
Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Mushrooms, Oregano
Pizza "TONNO"
Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Ham, Oregano
Pizza "HAWAII"
Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Salami, Oregano
Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple, oregano
Pizza "BIANCA"
Tomato sauce, cheese, salami, feta cheese, oregano
Tomato sauce, cheese, tomato slices, mozzarella, oregano
Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pepperoni - spicy – oregano
Tomato sauce, cheese, seafood, garlic

Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, spinach, gorgonzola cheese
Sour creme, cheese, sausage, bacon
Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, salami, mushroom, pepper, oregano

Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, salami, onion, corn, pepper, oregano
Tomato sauce, cheese, salami, olives, onion, garlic, feta cheese, oregano

Tomato sauce, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, corn, onion, broccoli, olives, mushrooms, oregano
Tomato sauce, cheese, sardines, artichokes, mushrooms, capers, oregano
Tomato sauce, cheese, tuna, sardines, onions, capers, peppers, oregano
Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, tuna, mushroom, onion, oregano
Tomato sauce, four types of cheese, oregano
Tomato sauce, cheese, "Bolognese" sauce, onion

Filled pizza: tomato sauce, cheese, bacon bacon, mushroom, oregano
Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, salami, bacon, sausage, onion, pepper, tomato  
Pizza "PANNE"

  Pizza bread